You Attract Who You Are


When it comes to relationships how do we determine who we attract?

The law of attraction is universal law

The most outstanding thing about it is that it does actually work. Think fear you get fear, think doubt you get more things that will make you worry. You think happy thoughts you get happy things. This is just the frequency that sends vibrations out to the universe which help you balance out and get you align with your soul. The basic foundation of this law is taught to us by Rhonda Byrnes’, The Secret.


So, when it comes to finding a partner, I know the law of attraction shows up here. I tend to observe partners just by pure observations. I get to see how they complement each other, by how they show up together. I firstly look into physical attraction, sense of humor and the substance underneath it all.

“You become what you think about most. But you also attract what you think about most. (John Assaraf) ”
The Secret

 Physical attraction

Firstly, Just in terms of facial symmetry, we tend to pick out what we find most charming about them then when we see that in our oppositions face.

What we find grotesque in ourselves, it could be our weight, skin, hair, and we tend to notice that in the other.

This same thing that makes us feel ugly, we don’t want in another person because that means we carry their repulsiveness with us and we don’t need that extra!

Sense of humor

This is what makes a conversation flow. It’s easier in terms of communication because it lightens the load. I’ve noticed that the couples that cannot laugh together cannot really stay together in ease. Richard Templar conveys that one of his rules in the book: The Rules of Love, that you should find someone who makes you laugh. Because once everything else fades away, finding the wisecrack in everything makes is all sound.

Let’s face it- a good sense of humor could never get out of fashion. Individuals with an opulent sense of humor look for someone with a complimentary one. It caters to the free spirit within them. Adding on the physical attraction, laughing makes you appear younger as it exercises facial muscles, reduces wrinkles so, really you appear prettier as well.

The emotional infrastructure

The emotional infrastructure does not show up as clearly as physical attributes. Neither is it as loud as a sense of humor, however most of us connect more openly and willfully in our wounds rather than our joys.


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