The Most Dangerous Of Food Trends

Throughout the year so far, there has been a countless amount of food trends sweeping the country and congesting  our Instagram feeds: the hugely popular acai bowls – however you pronounce them, courgetti the answer for those looking for a lighter dinner, and beetroot burgers, inspired by our neighbours from across the pond are just a few of the most desired dishes of 2017. However, it seems amongst the brightly coloured photos and hashtags galore, a new ‘trend’ has grown in popularity. Food guilt. In the most common form, felt by those desperately seeking to stay on the straight and narrow path towards a health goal when they indulge in a perhaps not so nutritional treat. Though arguably now, an unconventional side of that trend has gained momentum – food guilt that is triggered by the judgement given out to those also who may also want to opt for an alternative, perhaps…

Your New Purple Best Friend

In the last year, the modest Beetroot has well and truly cemented itself as a staple in the cupboards of the foodies of the nation. With its fuchsia shade and sweet flavour, it has become a god send for those hoping to create any Insta worthy dishes. The Beetroot boom has seen the unassuming vegetable soar up in the list of “superfoods” and thanks to its impressive nutritional content including high levels of fiber, iron and natural antioxidants, you will find it popping up in a range of both sweet and savory recipes without much effort.