The mental

The thought process I suggest for those of you who want to gain inspiration is to always find something to focus on, whether it be a fictional or non fictional character that inspires you. I take this guideline from spiritual leader- Caroline Myss who brought to light the archetypes of our sacred contracts. It gave me the idea that we could match up ourselves to something as a symbol of inspiration.

In reference, there was such a hype about fake tanning. The obsession with sun kissed skin would never make a pale skinned girl feel beautiful and glad.

If we look back in history, Marilyn Monroe was a size twelve and known as one of the most gorgeous women ever!  A recommendation to feeling fine about how you want to feature yourself, is to always connect your mind to examples of value that will help support your ideas of loveliness. It’s your own game of connect the dots.

The emotional

When we walk hand in hand with thoughts and feelings, we forge a paradise for our self esteem.

Our emotions are the most delicate rooms. They require much tenderness.  In order for them to benefit us, the painting of our mind process will leave the furniture of our emotions to be left for positioning. We must tap into making our good feelings like: joy, love, peace, and bliss in order for our young soul to resound. Emotions are really our companions.

When we compose each room we begin to take better steps in the decisions we make in life. If we are to be the best participants of the human experience, we must be secure in who we are. When we treat ourselves with love others will follow. We invite others to serve us that same way we do. Making sure that each room gets it’s little spring clean every now and then, will build us up confidently.

No one else can do this for you. So I advise you put in the work.  Your own empowerment matters.

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