Having an insecurity is universal. But letting them develop into an inferiority complex is dangerous. Getting rid of it is vital, as it affects your task performance and self-confidence.

Some individuals are excellent at hiding their inferiority complex, but some others make it very palpable. Nevertheless, it exists.  The constant feeling that you’re not good enough, or that you have many short comings is very unhealthy. It affects your self-esteem, your personality and ultimately could lead to depression and frustration.

Overcoming this complex is not easy, but here are some practical tips that can help get over it:

1. Repeat motivational lyrics

Instead of memorising cheesy self- motivational quotes, listen to motivational songs, be it Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake it off’ or Eminem’s ‘Lose yourself’, the lyrics are meaningful. Instead of attending motivational speeches or getting advice from others, pay attention to the lyrics of such songs. You may forget the ten steps to achieving your goals, but by constantly listening to music with empowering lyrics, you will develop a tough and optimistic attitude.

2. Make a show of indifference

It may be difficult to avoid people who demean you, as they can be your colleague or family members. Instead of confronting of avoiding them, be indifferent. Though their criticisms may hurt you, put on a show of indifference. People believe what they see, so your critics will decide that their words mean nothing to you, if you feign indifference. The chances that you will actually be indifferent to such people are high.

3. Try mastering the little things that you’re bad at

Whether it’s cooking, dancing or painting, try mastering the art and once you manage to do that, repeat it with all other activities. Soon, the activities/people that gave you a complex because you weren’t as good, will no longer affect you.

4. Don’t compare yourself to others

This is a big mistake which everybody makes. Just like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, everybody is different. It’s time accept that fact. Irrespective of whether someone can do everything better than you is irrelevant. Whether it’s your champion cousin or over-achieving colleague, don’t think of yourself as a loser compared to them. Remember, Robert Frost wouldn’t have become America’s national poet, if he had not taken the road less traveled. Do things in your own way, which works for you, at your own pace. That’s the only way you can succeed and gain confidence.

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