Creativity can ebb and flow depending on our moods, circumstances and outlooks. Some weeks are just too stressful to create a positive and creative environment.

Here at Infinity House we believe that spirituality can help work our creative muscles more than we care to believe. There are ways to step past the negativity and creative blocks and tap into yourself in order to find the creativeness you are looking for.

1. Realise that inspiration is everywhere

First, we need to move beyond ourselves. This may seem strange considering it is our own creative work but once we look at the bigger picture we can be inspired in so many different ways from the people and places around us.

As the Dalai Lama believes, your achievements are fickle if you don’t remember the happiness that other people can bring you.

2. Create a peaceful environment

Next is to remove distractions. That means turning the TV off a bit earlier, turning down the music and really relaxing your mind. Give yourself a little bit of head space and let your spirit rest. This will, of course, also give you time to form more thoughts and opinions that can be discussed with other people and your inspiration will come flooding in.

3. Block out the negativity

Try eliminating the negativity from your life. Negative elements not only bring you down but have a knock on effect and bring others down also. This can only hinder our creativeness and set us back. Make an effort not to engage in negativity whether it’s a review or a person; just don’t let it upset your mental wellbeing for the sake knowing what other people think. Also avoid bad vibes by not being negative yourself, there’s no need to turn the tables on other people.

One final point is to never believe that you’ve learnt or done it all; you can always learn more. Here at Infinity House we are constantly striving to hone our craft into something better. Spirituality evolves the same as your creativity. Always be open to learning more and improving yourself and in turn you will learn more about your spirit and wellbeing.

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