How to Get Rid of Acne for Good


A concern that has always been common amongst teenagers? Acne. Many of them wonder, How to prevent pimples? Hey buddy, I have loads of those red swollen spots on my face, can you gimme a solution? 

Amongst all of the things that teenagers deal with red dotted skin isn’t something that anyone is fond of. You may quite attach a social stigma to acne, but remember you’re not alone. While home remedies work wonders for some, few still cover their face with loads of make up to hide those pimples without finding a suitable solution.

There is no quick fix cure for acne. Though the internet is loaded with home remedies for acne, you still may not know which one may suit your skin type and whether at all you’ll have the desired result. This is when professional experts in skin care can help you and couple with home remedies, help you regain your lost self-confidence. However acne due to medical conditions such as PCODs, do require a medical care alongside a superficial spa treatment.

A feeling to shut down in loneliness, shy away from social circle is what teenagers these days suffer from. What is it that prevents them from interacting with friends? Swollen spots, lumpy breakouts, red swollen pustules and the adjective list goes on, well Acne vulgaris is a common problem. Most of us refer to it as pimples, however in simple scientific definition acne is a skin problem that causes certain spots to develop on the face and sometimes even on the chest. These spots could be white head, blackhead, and deep pus filled pustule called pimples. This is a common problem of teenagers and few adults too that is attributed to various reasons. According to an old school of thought, pimples are caused due to over secretion of sebum from the sebaceous gland in the skin, due to consumption of deep fried food, excessive use of oil based make up. However few think poor hygiene and stress to be the cause, but at the same time you cannot ignore hormonal imbalance and genetic predisposition as important factors that contribute towards acne.

Ways to get rid of acne

Here are few home remedies to treat acne

Natural masks:

1. Turmeric mixed in curd applied on skin, and washed off with cold water after 20 minutes will give a natural radiance to skin, and help reduce pimples due to antibacterial properties of turmeric.

2. Mashed apple mixed with honey when applied and washed off after 20 minutes is also an effective home remedy to treat pimples.

3. Turmeric and neem paste due to their anti-microbial properties can fight back those lumpy lesions.

4. Regular application of apple cider vinegar for 10 to 15 minutes and washing off with cold water helps to restore the natural pH of the skin and is a great cure for acne.

Personal hygiene:

1. Splashing your face 2 to 3 times a day with cold water and steaming are also effective ways to prevent pimples as it helps to keep your skin free from dirt, and prevents from clogging of pores giving more space for the skin to breathe through. Avoid squeezing the pimples as the pus oozing may spread elsewhere and cause another breakout spreading the infection to other parts of the skin. If required try using medicated soap under expert advice.

2. Follow balanced diet with lots of vegetables and fruits. Hydrate sufficiently and exercise regularly as this helps to release the toxins and cleanse your skin.

Seeking expert advice

Home remedies certainly help to answer to your question on how to prevent pimples? And may to certain extent help in a way to get rid of those scars, blemishes caused as an aftermath of the lumpy breakout. Acne can get worse at times and mere home remedies may not come to your rescue, when such times professional treatments can actually work wonders.

Over the counter topical gels and lotions such as erythromycin and benzyl peroxide may take time to show visible results. Your dermatologist may advice some antibiotics to get rid of acne. As far as home remedies are concerned you may not be aware of the right proportion of the required natural ingredients.

Luckily these days we have spas and saloons that offer specialised treatments for acne. Equipped with latest instruments and with a team of experienced skin therapists and qualified dermatologists, one can blindly rely on these beauty stations to treat all skin complaints including acne. Medi-spas especially those with acne treatments are also in large numbers. Besides certain professional dermatology treatments such as blue light therapy and IPL are being offered in spas and saloons with excellent results.

Few specialised facial treatments at parlours help to re-balance and control oil secretion without causing dehydration, marine mud facial is one of them. There are certain dermatologically tested acne medication mask products available in the market that can fight signs of breakouts. Having equipped with information on professional treatments available for acne you still may be perplexed as to which one would suit you? Only an expert can guide you through the right path. A professional consultation at spa will help you gain awareness of the perfect home remedy and spa treatments to get rid of acne.

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