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Evangelia Pieri is a Conversationalist,Truth seeker & Free thinker. She writes because it allows her freedom to express . Her core readings based around: spirituality, self-help and life stories. She has a degree in Journalism and Communications with Creative Writing, You can reach her via Twitter: @sshheezzuuss & Articles

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Valerie is a self-syndicated columnist who writes about the connection between spirituality, consciousness, and health. She is also a Christian Science practitioner in Collingswood, NJ. Email her at: Tweet her at: @valerieminard43 Articles

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Niki is a Greek journalist, with Sociology and Law degree, who loves to write about health, nutrition, fashion, movies and travels. Find her at via Twitter @KefNiki and Articles

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Troy Cabida (b. 1995) is a Manila-born writer currently based in London. Some of his recent poems have appeared on WORK, Pinched, We Are A Website, The Traveling Poet, W.A.L.K., Eastlit and The Ofi Press, where his poem was translated into Spanish. He has written for Instazine21, Migreat, The Online Rag, Infinity House and has edited for Siblíní Journal, Thought Notebook and 30 Days Dry by Robert Eric Shoemaker. He has a self-published poetry ebook, Lost in London, released in 2015. Catch him blogging over at Articles

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Jo works in the field of education and as a freelance writer. She continues to develop her passion for writing, particularly on topics of self-development, neurology and current affairs. Jo has a keen interest in the law of attraction and how to apply it in everyday life. Contact her at or via twitter @mysmallmusings31 Articles

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Infinity House Food & Nutrition ambassador and world renowned vegan chef, Mark Reinfeld, is the author and co-author of six cookbooks. Mark is the winner of’s Recipe of the Year Award and has more than 20 years of experience preparing creative vegan and raw food cuisine. He was the executive chef for the North American Vegetarian Society’s 2012 – 2015 Summerfest, one of the largest vegetarian conferences in the world. Mark will be updating readers on all of the latest news from the vegan world, including the benefits of a vegan lifestyle through exclusive recipes, interviews and question and answer sessions.28 Articles


Sophy is a keen writer with a degree in fashion journalism. She has her own blog Capricorn Child, which focuses on London, belief, fitness, travel and fashion. Contact her on sophyrussell@hotmail.com25 Articles

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20 years old. 2nd year Media Studies student at the University of Surrey. Follow me on Twitter at @AishahAO_!18 Articles

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