7 Films That Will Enlighten You

We can often got to the cinema or settle down with a film and become immersed in what we’re seeing. However, often there are deeper messages being given to us that we miss. I have composed a short list of hollywood films I recommend you watch if you want to spiritually enlighten your cinematic experience.

The Secret to Happiness?

If you search ‘the secret to happiness’ on the internet, thousands of websites appear claiming to know the answer. With the current climate of the world, I’m sure most people would love to know how to be happier.  However I’m beginning to question whether or not it is achievable.

Mr, Mrs and Miss All or nothing.

All or nothing is an important term we should all live by. We should headline a boundary for ourselves before we enter a relationship. This should be the first we should title. It’s important the other knows you cannot cherry pick who you are, you make could be a person who is great company at their best and a bit withdrawn when they get down, but it’s important to let them know- when they want the good they must accept the bad-its all or nothing!. There was a situation I had heard of where a man, didn’t want to be fully committed in his current relationship so had taken some time out. Met a new girl and fell in love. The new girl girl had wanted more, but knowing that he couldn’t fully commit in the way she wanted, he had offered the invitation for her to be ‘ friends’.…

Food for thought – Bright souls.

Health has been on the cards a while now. I’ve never been a fan of the obsession with the weight cultured society which the media shoves in our faces every day. I have been faced with many episodes of depression throughout my life. I had been researching about the things I should do to improve my lifestyle especially my energy levels.

I recently bought myself a chakra pendant from Camden town.  I looked deeply into my chakras and I have come to realise something. We are always told to eat healthy, fresh food and drink. Nothing artificial and avoid E numbers. Whilst observing my chakras, I take note of all brightness of colour.  Then I pay attention to the fruits on my dining table. I study their tones and freshness.

Acting tough and being strong.

Acting tough and being strong. I am observer of human behaviour. I just find myself in wonder. Sometimes out of boredom, other times curiosity. In service to my fellow beings, I try to gain deeper understanding as in why we act the way we do, now in particular when it comes to strength. Acting tough and being strong are two differences. When you have spiritually evolved you realise you no longer have to front it. You don’t need even need to say you’re strong anymore. You become strength. Strength is internal. It’s quiet and doesn’t feel the need to defend itself. Acting tough is external, it’s more a show. Plus its egoist, when those chips away you have to resort the soul, and you are astonished with how powerful it can be when you learn to awake yourselves spiritually. My empathy towards this is that many of us use the…

DMT: The portal to another dimension

DMT stands for N,N-Dimethyltryptamine which is a naturally occurring chemical found in both plants and animals. The chemical can be found in the pineal gland for humans. When consumed orally it is considered a very potent and strong psychedelic creating and immersive and uncontrollable experience. Can you imagine being taken out of your body and you have no control over the outcome? Researchers in the Imperial College of London will be conducting the first ever fMRI scan on the effects of DMT. They will be studying the effects for six months and the neuropsychopharmacology unit will be using the help of Rick Strassman who has administered over several hundred doses between 1990-95. Strassman coined the term ‘the spirit molecule’ from all his research and is considered the Godfather of DMT. DMT was first synthesized in the 1930s by a British chemist Richard Manske. The shamans who have existed for over 70,000 years used the plants…

The Spirit Box & Its Inventor

The first man to create such a device is Nikola Tesla who was the electrical pioneer that had created a magical portal that had the ability to communicate with the dead. Many people had claimed it to be bogus however there is nothing but 100% undeniable evidence to this day to prove that it works. In fact, you can actually build the spirit box yourself for less than £20 and if you would like the instructions to see for yourself whether this box actually works then please click the link here. My first observations positively terrified me as there was present in them something mysterious, not to say supernatural, and I was alone in my laboratory at night. — Nikola Tesla, 1901 The sounds I am listening to every night at first appear to be human voices conversing back and forth in a language I cannot understand. I find it difficult…

Resolution – Solutions.

Resolution -solutions. Each year’s invites itself onto our lives and there we are waiting to see what the New Year holds. To some, it’s never a New Year new start. Most people see it is “same picture different frame”. But not me. It’s a time for big time new proclamations which really transcend into procrastinations. Man, do I hate yearly resolutions. Might I suggest a resolution solution?  Instead of putting themes in the New Year with goals… why not throw them in as LIFE goals? I wasn’t searching for a word; I just wanted an inkling of a clue to know what this year might hold. I have zero plans. I just want to live fully and presently in the moment. So spiritually ready, I am just wandering the earth, living the life already rolled out in front of me. I felt the freshness of this New Year. I entered…

The Book Of Joy: A Read That Guarantees A Better Day

When I happened to come across a passionate Instagram post singing the praises of one the latest spiritual book releases “The Book Of Joy” I was pretty unconvinced that it would differ much from the many others you can find in your local Waterstones. Though intrigued by the offerings of wisdom that both 14th Dala Lama and The Archbishop Tutu could undoubtedly give, I purchased the book. With the full title being ‘Book Of Joy: Lasting Happiness In A Changing World’ the chapters follow a week of philosophical and unscripted conversations between both the holy men, as they discuss their own beliefs on how they successfully obtain happiness in times of adversity. They journey through their own religious attitudes and honestly recall their own times of lost faith. Within the 1st chapter, the reader is put at ease by the childish humour both the men share with one another, mirroring…

Balance: A temporary state. Part one.

Balance: A temporary state. Part one. Look at a glass of half filled water and the question that always asked is what do you see a glassed half full or a glass half empty? One will reply one or the other. But whichever way you’re viewing it, it’s in the middle. This middle is balance at its temporary state. The conversation had started about life and it’s up and downs. I had spoken to a colleague and we have discussed the term balance. I said some peoples balance is at 75/75 my colleagues replied and disagreed that balance meant 50/50. Not everyone’s, I thought, not everyone’s. This is the equation to life’s equity. I believe now we all have a meaning to what the word means to us, how we find it in our lives. Life has never gone at a pace. Neither has it ever flowed on steady ground…