The Struggles of Moving Abroad

It may be but a daydream to move to a different country, but the possibility is definitely there. The idyllic fantasy of experiencing a different culture, making incredible life-long friends, and making crazy memories are very compelling reasons to start a whole new life. But the reality is not as idyllic as the fantasy. Moving to a new country can be lonely, it is the hidden reality behind the success stories of starting anew.

It is not only the emotional, but practical pieces of moving abroad for the unforeseeable future that may cause loneliness. Moving into a new apartment or house has its difficulties wherever you are, but especially in a new country: What are the additional costs? Where is a safe place to live? And what is the living cost? Who is there to give you advice, to hold your hand?

Overcoming Your Insecurities

Having an insecurity is universal. But letting them develop into an inferiority complex is dangerous. Getting rid of it is vital, as it affects your task performance and self-confidence.

Some individuals are excellent at hiding their inferiority complex, but some others make it very palpable. Nevertheless, it exists.  The constant feeling that you’re not good enough, or that you have many short comings is very unhealthy. It affects your self-esteem, your personality and ultimately could lead to depression and frustration.

Overcoming this complex is not easy, but here are some practical tips that can help get over it:

How Not To Feel Invisible After 50

A recent study by a company that sells herbal products to menopausal women found that women start to feel invisible around the age of 51.

Women no longer feel men notice them when they walk into a room, nor do they see admiring glances coming their way. The result, says this study of 2,000 women, is depression. The Daily Mail reported that,

More than two-thirds of those over 45 reported walking into a room and feeling “completely unnoticed”by the opposite sex. Nearly half said they lacked confidence and many blamed their grey hair, need for glasses or the struggle to find stylish clothes.

How Yoga Turns Your Bad Thoughts Into Good Thoughts

We learn in grade school science class that energy can appear in either the potential or kinetic form. The electricity in the wiring of your home is available for any use you choose. When you turn a light switch to the “on” position, energy appears in the form of light. This is the kinetic state because the energy is being used or expended. However, when you turn the light switch to the “off” position, the energy remains in the potential state – ready to be used at the flick of a switch.

The inherent power of fear, anger, and self-willed desire can also be stored potentially or expended kinetically, and it is your personal attention that determines in which state the energy resides. If the mind’s conscience (known as “buddhi” in Sanskrit) defines a particular thought as a form of energy that will enable you to fulfill the purpose of your life (a shreya), it is suggesting that you transform the state of that thought energy from the potential into the kinetic by taking some appropriate action. In other words, you are encouraged to think about the shreya, speak in service to the shreya, and take some physical action in service to the shreya.

Why Everyone Should Visit Machu Picchu

A lost world. An ancient civilization. A location that soars above the clouds. A beauty that can’t really be explained. Everything about a visit to Machu Picchu will leave you awestruck. It’s a place that I came away from, not just with a bunch of great Instagram photos, but also with a real feeling of accomplishment. We made it to a place that the Spanish armies never laid their eyes on. A place that is now as legendary and yet mysterious as the Milky Way.

Be Confident With Your ‘No’ As Well As Your ‘Yes’

Yes and No are two very little, but very mighty words! They can be pleasing conclusions to answer any question or doubt.

Saying No is never as big of a deal as it’s made out to be. You will often find that when you say, ‘yes’, for example: you agree to go on a blind date, you nod to attend a outing or you say yes to try a different option on the menu, no one would ask why , they’d be happy and persevere with what you’ve said-gladly.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

If I can’t see my bones does that make me fat?” Have you ever stood in front of the mirror and looked at your body and picked out all the features you love, or all your minor flaws? Negative body image is becoming more of a issue about in today’s society. From being judged because of your appearance to striving to be like the models in the magazines, everyone is being affected. The average size for a British woman has gone from a size 12 to a size 16 in over a decade and yet shops are still selling all their clothes on size 8 mannequins. This trend to be skinny has dominated the fashion industry and is linked to people developing eating disorders such as anorexia, bulimia and binge eating, leading to many over-exercising and dieting. Shops should be using larger mannequins to make sure women are seeing a…

We are all the leaves of one tree

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Mind, Body and Soul: Relieving Everyday Stresses

Life is full of stresses and strains, your mind, body and soul pulled at from every angle. But what can you do to help alleviate these stresses? It is difficult because not only is life non-stop but most people are doing some kind of work, most hours a week. Long working hours, then the housework and looking after yourself and those around you. The effect of stresses places more pressure on those who suffer mental health issues as well. However, there is one simple way that can help to alleviate those more stressful days; walking.

With mental health problems on the rise, and stress levels increasing. A lot of people suffer from some kind of social anxiety. Where internet usage and instant gratification or abuse from social media has contributed to this. Nonetheless, an underrated stress relief is the power of walking, and although many have their own ways to relieve stress. Many people overlook the walking.