9 Weird Wellness Trends

We have all seen the strange headlines of the latest wellness trends people have been trying out and scoffed at their efforts (while also entertaining the thought of trying it ourselves). Alternative wellness is hugely popular, with the aim of bettering mental and physical health through methods such as drinking mushroom lattes and spending time in a sub-zero chamber. They sound bizarre, but is there any truth in their madness?

Why Skin Positivity Is More Important Than Ever

There is not a single more satisfying moment than removing your makeup after a long day. The feeling of freshly washed skin is, without a doubt, one of the life’s many joys. However, for some this joy comes hand in hand with a distinct feeling of dread, as they uncover the imperfections and blemishes that they have so carefully hidden from the world. Though a condition suffered by a sizable percentage of the public at some point throughout their lives, Acne is still an unwelcome visitor in our Instagram filtered world. Those who suffer from the psychologically draining condition can frequently lose a huge chunk of their self-worth due to a condition that is often out of their control. With the enjoyment of social events, special occasions and everyday life often paying the price, dealing with Acne at any age is often a long, drawn-out battle made distinctly harder by the casual celebrity skin shaming that often hits headlines.

Why Women Should Learn Krav Maga

Krav Maga is a self-defense system, originating from the hand-to-hand combat style used by the Israeli army. It is effective, efficient and brutal. Krav Maga translates to “contact combat”, and its lack of rules and spirituality separates it from the usual martial arts classes seen advertised. The purpose of learning Krav Maga is to protect yourself long enough for to escape an attacker.

7 Easy Ways To Fight Climate Change

When the words “climate change” are seen, people usually turn a blind eye. It is a massive problem of today’s modern world, so massive that it seems inconceivable to fight. However, that is not the case. Even the smallest changes in your lifestyle will make a difference in the fight against climate change. Below are just a tiny example of some changes you can make.

The Festival Diet: How To Avoid Monday Blues

With Festival season in full swing, it’s sun-filled long days full of dancing, good times and great music can make those dreary Winter nights feel like another lifetime ago. However, more often than not throwing caution to the wind and literally letting your beach waves down can often mean saying farewell to your well formulated healthy living routine. Thankfully due to many festival food vendors catching on to the huge demand for food options which accommodate the many healthy food trends sweeping the country, all is not lost if you want to experiment with new foods without fashioning a fast-food baby all weekend. The sheer number of food truck offerings at each festival, however, can still create a fast food minefield.  With an intimidating amount of equally endearing food trucks the temptation can still linger over even the most determined of us, but making smart decisions that don’t interfere with our enjoyment…

How To Project Your Stress Into Something Beautiful

What is Stress? Stress is a reaction to an event which can lead to physical or emotional tension and usually occurs when someone becomes threatened or anxious. It’s primarily a physical response that can cause us to be in a fight or flight mode by releasing a complex mix of hormones and chemicals such as adrenaline, cortisol, and norepinephrine to prepare the body for a physical response. Without stress we would not be in the situations or have the experiences we did today as a little stress is a good motivator, however, having no control can lead to long-term consequences. The bodies response to stress can actually cause blood flow to be diverted to the muscles and can even shut down the digestive system. In the event, your blood flow is being diverted preparing your body for fight or flight mode and your brain function becomes minimized. This leads to the inability…

Food for thought – Bright souls.

Health has been on the cards a while now. I’ve never been a fan of the obsession with the weight cultured society which the media shoves in our faces every day. I have been faced with many episodes of depression throughout my life. I had been researching about the things I should do to improve my lifestyle especially my energy levels.

I recently bought myself a chakra pendant from Camden town.  I looked deeply into my chakras and I have come to realise something. We are always told to eat healthy, fresh food and drink. Nothing artificial and avoid E numbers. Whilst observing my chakras, I take note of all brightness of colour.  Then I pay attention to the fruits on my dining table. I study their tones and freshness.

DMT: The portal to another dimension

DMT stands for N,N-Dimethyltryptamine which is a naturally occurring chemical found in both plants and animals. The chemical can be found in the pineal gland for humans. When consumed orally it is considered a very potent and strong psychedelic creating and immersive and uncontrollable experience. Can you imagine being taken out of your body and you have no control over the outcome? Researchers in the Imperial College of London will be conducting the first ever fMRI scan on the effects of DMT. They will be studying the effects for six months and the neuropsychopharmacology unit will be using the help of Rick Strassman who has administered over several hundred doses between 1990-95. Strassman coined the term ‘the spirit molecule’ from all his research and is considered the Godfather of DMT. DMT was first synthesized in the 1930s by a British chemist Richard Manske. The shamans who have existed for over 70,000 years used the plants…