Have you ever heard of the term ‘aura’ before? I’m sure you have. Many people use it as a way to express the  vibe someone radiates and in a sense that is what it means. However, it’s a little deeper than that.

A  lot of scientists now acknowledge that both earth and beings give off different energies.

The human aura is a “bioenergy field that is made of many different layers and colours”.

Many healers believe the human aura relates to the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional states of someone. Some even suggest that things like illness can affect the colours of one’s aura.

‘Human Aura’s are believed to consist of 15 layers of varying colours/energies which are all connected to the individual and their ‘self’; their mind, body and spirit. There are roughly twenty known ‘aura’ colours, each in which has it’s own personality per se. Remember, that with every individual’s aura, it will consist of a combination of these colours; no one is defined by the characteristics associated with only one. However, everyone has one dominant colour.

Aura Colour Meanings:
  1. Deep red: You’re grounded, have strong will power and aresurvival oriented.
  1. Dark cloudy red: You’re fuelled with anger.
  1. Bright­­­ red: You’re energetic, competitive, sexual and passionate.
  1. Orange: You’re full of vitality, vigor, you’re creative, have stamina and are courageous.
  1. Orange-yellow: You’re scientifically minded, are detail oriented and are quite the perfectionist.
  1. Yellow: You’re creative, playful, are self aware, powerful, knowledgable and curious.
  1. Yellow-green: You’re both passionate and communicative, You may be a budding actor, writer, musician or salesperson.
  1. Green: You’re interested/ drawn to nature,have a natural balance, are loving and a natural healer.
  1. Dark green: You’re fuelled by jealousy, have low self-esteem, carry resentment and often reject responsibility.
  1. Blue: You’re a cool, calm, sensitive and expressive person.
  1. Turquoise: You have the potential to be a powerful healer, are helpful and are natural doctors.
  1. Dark blue: You are fearful of self-expression.
  1. Indigo: You’re Intuitive, a visionary and clear minded.
  1. Violet: You’re a visionary, have divine wisdom and are closer to the path of enlightenment.
  1. ­­­Silver: You’re nurturing and have both a physical and spiritual wealth.
  1. Bright pink: You’re sensitive, artistic, affectionate, compassionate and pure.
  1. Dark pink: You can be immature and dishonest.
  1. Gold:  You’re well on your way to enlightenment, hold true wisdom and are an intuitive thinker.
  1. White: You are a combination of purity, unity and transcendence.
  1. Black: You may hold negativity, are unwilling and unforgiving. Can also be indicative of illness.

It has also been reported that there are special types of aura’s called Rainbow Aura’s. Rainbow Aura’s have been described as “shards of colourful light, like a sunburst”; these types of aura are particularly found within people who are trained to work with bodily energy, as well as healers.

How to read ‘aura’?

You can get your aura read by an expert or you can try and do it yourself. The most popular DIY technique is by staring at the outline of your body in a mirror and trying to identify the different colours (although this is far less effective method). Once you learn your personal aura colours, it can really be beneficial to your mind, body and spirit and can really help you to understand and guide yourself more.

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