A forever forecast?



A forever forecast?

by Ruta Dolbear Via facebook

by Ruta Dolbear Via facebook

Relationship expert John Gray explained like nature love has its seasons. Now, I would like to use this frame to elaborate on what my understandings of the seasons are in contrast to the cycle of relationships.

Unlike nature where it begins: winter, spring, summer, autumn.

Relationships switch .

Firstly, let’s hit:


Summer of a relationship is where all the sparkle is at. This is the falling in love stage. – The relationship at its high. This could take a hot minute or progress over a slow burn. Nevertheless like the sun eventually has to back away and the heat dies down, we are left with a little sun tans that slowly pack away. The Celestine prophecy recalls this stage as: excitement and euphoria. Not just in the height of our feelings but we only usually the brighter idea, or side to our partners. Though too, it could face a little summer rain that would just be merely to replenish thru passion that reigns grand. What is known in Captains Corelli’s mandolin as: a temporary madness.


The stage where we begin, past excitement has gone down the drain, and we now have the chance to see what we are working with. Also the reality of the person unfolds as well with the autumn shedding the old and inviting the new. Here enters slight calmness of weather. Temperature is kind to us in the autumn, maybe things won’t be as glittery but it won’t be gloomy either.


Winter is where most relationships stand the test of time. Here is where most are hard hit. Wondering if feelings are still there or just gone into hibernation. It’s a tough call here because one might be wondering about their own feelings or the partner may have lost feelings for them. It’s where we crave warmth the most. To know whether it was love or not will not say in the midst of these moments. The wavering question mark will need to be placed down and then next to it, the answer will form.


How we would know that it is over or it’s just the winter of that relationship would be if you could feel breakage of a new flower tearing through it frosted mist and want to come through again. Spring is where all new life blossoms. After a heartbreaking winter and feeling isolated and maybe alone in the relationships, though the feeling would have calmed down, there would still be an underground flame which may have never blew out. Here, you can rebuild new relationships grounds. And encourage the growth of the relationship and your partner. Here is where you would be able to tell if it was love, or just infatuation.

In closure, as we fluctuate within our thoughts, feelings and emotions. Relationships do the same. As we flounder through: sun, rain, storms and winds, so does the feeling of love. As long as our birthplace is concrete, the love shouldn’t waver too far. The finest of rapports survive many embodiments of outlooks.


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