October 2017


Do Lolita’s really exist?

Vladimir Nabokov formulated a novel which consisted of a narrative of a thirty nine year old literary teacher – Humbert Humbert (who’d previously had a compulsion for young girls, referred to as Nymphets) which were young girls who’d he would find being sexually captivating. He had now become obsessed with his twelve year old step daughter- Dolores ‘Lolita ‘Hayes; Technically, he a paedophile and an innocent young girl. Yet, Reading the novel, it had become clear that this man wasn’t right in the mind. I mean, clearly this isn’t normal behaviour to feel this way about a young girl, young enough to be his daughter. I believe his emotional psychology of the fact his relationship in his youth had made him this way. He loved a girl to a great extent then lost her. This planted an emotional disfigurement in his psyche which he encrusted with him through to adulthood.…

Books To Read On A Rainy Day

Books are the gateway to different realities. They allow us to be anyone we want and to life different lives through their characters. If you are a book lover and are looking for a new addition to your library, then hopefully this article will inspire you. 1. A Paris apartment by Michelle Gable  This is a book for hopeless romantics, and for anyone who enjoys  happy endings. The protagonist is April Vogt, an American continental furniture specialist who is sent to Paris to give her expertise on an apartment which had its doors shut for 70 years. To her surprise she discovers that this apartment is unlike any other, in fact it hides an unknown treasure, a portrait by one of the masters of the belle époque, Giovanni Boldini. The book follows April’s footsteps in the search to discover who the mysterious lady in the portrait is and tries to…