When a Book is Made of Love


“I stopped walking within the fields but I started to dance on the sky”

Pedro Pinto is also known as Reflect. He’s a Portuguese music artist and owner of his own record label, Kimahera, and made the dream of her long term girlfriend, Carolina, come true. He just never thought he was going to need to do this for her. Neither thought he would do it so soon.

Carolina Tendon was a 22-year old girl finishing her last year in university, on Veterinary Medicine. She also divided her time and passion between dancing and writing. However, on the night of 10 February 2014, this beautiful, healthy, young woman felt asleep forever, as a consequence of a pulmonary embolism.

Death isn’t fair. Everyone that already dealt with the experience of losing someone knows it. Even thought you wait her, she knows how to come without any warnings and taking away the opportunity of a last goodbye. It’s impossible to know what to do after one of the persons you share your whole life and love with is, out of the blue, gone. Without a last word, a last kiss, a last laugh… No, Death isn’t fair. But Pedro wasn’t the kind of person to give up. So, he decided to show Death that she was dealing with the wrong boyfriend.


When Carolina decided to pursuit her dream of writing her own book, she started to organize her texts and poems towards that goal. Pedro decided to pursuit her dream and finished her work, by publishing the book. Along with her friends and family, Pedro finished the compilation of poems and texts that she started writing when she was just ten years old. The book, titled De Mim Para Mim (From Me to Myself), was published for the first time on 21 June 2014, on Carolina’s birthday.

This was the pagination conceived by Carolina. Each poem has its graphics and associated pictures and we wanted to respect the most of what was done for her when I and the family decided to publish her book.

– Pedro Pinto

Presenting her book across Portugal for a couple of months already, Pedro tries to make each single presentation unique. The first time they knew each other, was because of her love for dancing and his love for music. To celebrate and remember this, he decided to transform each presentation in a show remembering Carolina, with musical and dance performances and readings of her texts and poems.


Death can leave a heartache impossible to heal but Love leaves memories that no one is able to steal. And Pedro is remembering that, every day. Remembering that, even though time goes by, Love and memories can be stronger than anything.


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