Watch the Emotional Moment When These People Hear for the First Time


Many people take the ability to hear for granted and wouldn’t be able to imagine their lives without it.

Imagine, then, the feeling of overwhelming satisfaction felt by people who, thanks to new technology, were able to hear for the first time.

This video provides footage of the emotional moment when people living in a deprived area of the Philippines were able to hear sounds for the first time as a consequence of new, extremely sensitive hearing aids.

These people, who live in the area of Puerto Princesa, are simply overwhelmed with delight at this magical moment, with many of them bursting into tears.

This was made possible after Spotify collaborated with Starkey Hearing Foundation.

For one of the individuals concerned, all of his children play music and it is such a joy for him to finally be able to listen to them.

Image and Video Source: YouTube/Spotify


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