Walking as a form of Meditation?


When thinking of meditation, the first thought that would pop into the head of many would be a human being sat in a lotus position, in silence occasionally making humming noises and not being bothered by a slight breeze. But during my many studies of spiritual findings, both Eckhart Tolle and Neale Donald Walsh have taught me otherwise. At the same time, the re-read of both: The Power of Now and Conversations with God, I was struck by the teachings that meditation doesn’t mean you need to be seated like a Buddha. (If one wanted to of course, it wouldn’t be a crime.) However, mediation isn’t as advertised as it is in that way. But to bring it to your attention, I’d like to advertise a different, more doable everyday type form.

Walking: Daily walks could be included in your day to day life. Just a couple of pounds saved on the oyster card, or minus the hassle of searching for a parking space. Why not ditch all that commotion and spend more quality time with the higher power, divine Goddess, supreme energy: God?

Many like myself, ramble out of bed and never spend time with God. Christian speaker: Joyce Meyer in her daily teachings always mentions that she spends her mornings with God. I was sharpened by the fact that she said she would fear going out if she never did this. I feel the same but not necessarily, the mornings need this time. It could be any time of day. Although, I do understand morning would be more significant. Why not sprinkle some Godly time along with morning breakfast or just before stepping out into the world.

Taking a brisk walk to and from work, or taking the dog, or just the IPod with you could give you the chance to connect with your spirit for you to recharge it ready for the next moment in your life. Although we are encouraged to walk for our physical well-being, our spiritual well-being is just as sacred. This simply encourages us to stay connected, well present and at peace with all that’s around us in that entire sequence. Sometimes just being is acceptable. You’ll also notice that with switching up the transport from vehicle to by foot, there are plenty of little life’s beauties everywhere around us. What we think of as meaningful nothings which we wouldn’t be able to embrace if we were travelling in another way.

One inkling of observation are my findings about tree’s. They stand tall: rain, shine, snow and wind. For a symbol of hope, view nature as an unaltered form of delicacy which, without the concentration I had developed through my daily walks, I don’t think I would have fully understood its purpose of its  subsistence.


Since taking on this mission plus as much as classically, prayer is my adored avenue to God. But there are other forms of this we must engage. I agree that prayer is the key, but meditation is the fastening to the spirit. Walking as meditation is positively another classic way to keep you alight.

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