Understanding Addictions: The Pain and the Pleasure Part I


Bodies of all types will continue to hurt themselves through substances, toxic people or activities, which create temporary states of elation.  Most have come into a conclusion which gives us reasons why, but I have briefly rounded up my own examination as in to why we have addictions.

As spiritual teacher Marianne Williamson sharpens the law that we either learn a lesson through the choice of love or pain. It’s really up to us, in how what we open our minds. Through addictions we do choose to learn that lesson through wounding ourselves, whilst deluding our existence.

To separate:

When something or someone offers you agony immediately you’ve struck a chord- it burns and no longer do you want anything to do with it, so you steer clear.

When something or someone offers bliss, you want it more, because it feels good.

Nevertheless, when that one target incorporates both, we funnily tend to dismiss pain just because in order  to get to the feel good feelings.

Question: Why would we go back to something or someone who causes us to eventually bear pain?

Answer: The combination of both pain and pleasure are linked into to that one item. This is the cycle of how it
works. Firstly highs, a buzz which serves the adrenaline for the chase which makes us runs along into the blind spot of the pain.   However much you choose to ignore the loudness of the pain, it will always be calmed by the delicacy of the pleasure. Somewhere in our mindset, we forget about it until later. At a view, addictions are what we select.12096516_928137753945950_8211544542330635774_n

Sometimes we are so desperate to feel enchanted we would do anything to get to that feeling even if our own self is at risk. Even if it means running through the fire just to get it. We belittle ourselves at that. For as long pleasure overrides pains, the cycle will always exist.

Article two about addictions follows.


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