Thinking of Going Vegan?


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be vegan?

Are you looking for an incentive to improve your physical wellbeing? Looking to lose weight or improve your skin, nails and mental health?  Do you think going vegan for a week could be a life affirming experience? Are you scared that you may give up after the second day?

If you’ve never tried a vegan diet, but have always been curious about the prospect, then you need to read Shepsi Haider’s day-by-day account of the trails and tribulations that veganism entails.

Shepsi, a 19 year old with a huge love for Angus Steak Houses, Nandos, fish & chips and all things fried,  could not have been further from a plant-based diet. Last week he was challenged by the team at Infinite21 to cleanse his entire body by following their recommended vegan diet.

Shepsi Haider before going vegan.

Shepsi before going vegan

At the beginning, we witness Shepsi’s hilarious mental struggle as he comes to terms with life without steak, omelettes and smoked salmon. Accounts of his daily activities are both upbeat and comical and help readers to closely tap into the mindset of this carnivorous young man.

Upon reading about his weeklong journey, we guarantee that you will be entertained and you might even become inspired to challenge yourself to veganism. If you do so, you will be well equipped in your endeavour; having each article for every day in your arsenal as a personal, relatable source of comfort. So give it a shot, what have you got to lose? Nothing, apart from maybe a few kilos.

Find Shepsi’s first article, of the Vegan in London series, on Infinite21.


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