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I was recently recommended the book The Secret to listen to by my friend. She told me over the past year, after having listened to The Secret in 2014, she had managed to feel inspired and motivated enough to reach for her goals, she took out her notebook and noticed that she had actually achieved everything that she hadwrote down the previous year. Intrigued, I downloaded the audiobook to see what it was all about.

Not only did The Secret open my eyes but after listening to the book I felt happy and as if a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. This magical book by Rhonda Byrne gives you ‘the secret to life’, ‘the secret to happiness’ and how you can fulfill your life and achieve everything you want, whether it be love, work, health or wealth and it gives you the power to do so. So what is the secret? 

The Secret involves the teachings of Rhonda Byrne and the stories of others who have read and learnt from the book. When listening to the audiobook you can hear their voices and the enthusiasm for what they’re talking about. The people in the audiobook constantly emphasise that our mind controls the energy that we bring towards us, like tuning in to a radio station, we need to tune a frequency that brings us what we want to hear, similarly what we want our mind to focus on. It is all down to the power of our imagination. If you have positive thoughts you will attract positive energy. Ever heard the saying ‘positive mind, positive vibes, positive life’? Well, it’s pretty much EXACTLY that. The more you can control your mind and release the negative thoughts the more you can control your life and get rid of the negative energy and welcome the good thoughts and positive energy in your life and this can work in every aspect of your life, whatever you need it to be.


The Secret remained top of The New York Times Bestseller List for 146 consecutive weeks (WOW) and has been translated in to 40 odd different languages; it’s safe to say it’s a popular read. However, the book has caused controversy and has been criticised for its claims, but whether you choose to believe The Secret or not, I can first handedly say it has been proven to change peoples lives whether it is as dramatically as it expresses to or not. The Secret brings positivity in to your life by reading out positive experiences and emotions that people have felt and received from the book and surely this is a positive notion for all people. Like the book says positivity welcomes positivity. By listening to the book it releases feelings of hope and motivation, the author’s words of encouragement are inspiring and truly make you believe in yourself.

I can say from listening to The Secret that the way I look at life has dramatically changed, my views and the actions I take are now carefully thought out and I always try to maintain a positive mind throughout. If my morale is ever low, I listen to a chapter of The Secret to change my attitude and to remind myself that it is my mind that controls my life. After all, a positive mind will bring a positive life, it’s the ‘law of attraction.’

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