The Most Important Thing About Exercise? Happiness


We can all agree that exercise is important to our physical health, but more than that, it can create more positivity, less stress and increase levels of happiness.

This shows a direct link between a happy life and the amount of exercise done.

It can’t be said that exercise is needed to live a life of abundant happiness but who can say they don’t feel better after a run (after the initial breathlessness and aches and pains wear off).

It goes deeper than a physical happiness though. With feeling good about yourself being an underrated phenomenon in today’s society, we are focusing more on short term psychological gain rather than long term.

Snacking between meals, eating more than you need, may feel satisfying at the time but looking at the future, deep down we know these things won’t help us in the long term.

Today’s society, however, glorifies the quick fix, and the instant gratification. This, combined with the easier option means our bodies take the brunt of the strain as exercise becomes the last thing on our mind. It is essential however, and more so than we even realise, to physically look after our bodies. Not only does it mean a better and longer future, but if recent research is correct, then a happier one too.

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