The F word


The worse word ever used starting with the letter F in the English dictionary, has got to be a four letter nuisance… Not only do I loathe how it sounds, I loathe what it does. It frightens people. It tricks them. It comes overnight and instils itself and tries to take over most people. It sometimes succeeds. When we  kick it in the teeth it sometimes defends itself getting louder and storing up all images that cause more misery and further self destruction. One by one building up to anxiety. Fear is that thing that holds us back from the thing that we really want to follow through with.

To Christians, it is known that fear, anxiety and also depression are the devils way of tricking you into leading a miserable life.  It interrupts with the minds harmony. In its stillness it is peaceful and should be filled with kind and loving thoughts, As Marianne Williamson explained in her book: a return to love.  These are the thoughts sent and given by God. So undoubtedly fear it isn’t our friend.

 Fear has us believe that it may be doing us a favour by overall scaring us.  Instead of forewarn us and leave us be, its only power is to show us the dead end, the gloom. It hasn’t the capability to do otherwise. That’s because if it were to let its guard down, it would show weakness. It wants to gain full control by completely and utterly covering our eyes with its hands and taking us somewhere where we don’t really want to go- Or worse-not going anywhere at all.

Some way it works in our favour, yes there is a spark of discipline.  But what good is that when it can encapsulate us into never doing anything at all. Or not living our fullest potential.

 Fear can:

  • Stop you taking back a partner, NOT BECAUSE, you are weak, but they are sorry and BECAUSE you don’t want to throw away your relationship. That you wish to make it work without people judged on what other people will think.
  • Stop you living your dream. Tiny dainty ones like: starting a blog, running forty minutes in your area, even an audition for the Voice.
  • Change, because we all know change is never ever the problem. But the resistance to the change itself.

To start would mean already pushing into halfway. By reason of this, would be that the ultimate goal of our little F word friend with the big impact is that things aren’t never are bad as fear appears to make them.

Fear needs confrontation.



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