Sudocrem: The Secret to Skin Problems?


Could Sudocrem be the secret to your skin problems?

I know a lot of people, including me, who have struggled with finding one brand of skin care products that were consistent in their results.

We’ve all tried the toothpaste overnight trick. Yes, it works a little bit. But after the initial application, there’s not much more toothpaste can do.

We’re told that the sun provides great Vitamin C and while that’s true, there’s other atmospheric elements we have to contend with, as well. Nuisances like brutal wind and drying air prove to be an everyday struggle for those with sensitive skin.

One day you may come across a miracle grey container labelled, Sudocrem. Underneath the label are the tiny words “helps with acne.” While many of us suffer with mild blemishes rather than acne, take a chance on the claim.

Sudocrem should be part of everyone’s skin care routine.

Miracle Skin Care

When we think of Sudocrem, our minds usually wander to crying babies and painful (we imagine) nappy rashes. It’s generally thought that Sudocrem is the perfect antidote to all of our children’s nappy troubles, but it may also be the perfect way to clear our unwanted blemishes.

In 2010 Sudocrem’s sales soared dramatically when it made a special guest appearance in TOWIE. After that celebrities, including Cheryl Cole (now Cheryl Fernandez-Versini), came out of the closet about their skin care regime.

Even after the boom in 2010 it seems that Sudocrem isn’t being praised enough.

We’re in 2015 now and I have only just come across the power of Sudocrem. Having struggled with blemishes for nearly a decade, cynicism took hold of me. Ignoring my initial reaction, I applied the product to each of my blemishes before I went to bed. When I woke up I was shocked at the results.

Although not completely invisible, every single one of my blemishes had not only reduced in size, but the redness had totally disappeared. As it happens, Sudocrem works by drying out the spots on your face so be careful to moisturise afterwards!

Keen to try it yourself? Let me know the results.


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