Stay in your own lane: Words over digits: Energy, Adrenaline and naughtiness. Two.




Stay in your own lane: Words over digits: Energy, Adrenaline and Naughtiness.

Sometimes you could feel sexual, funny, strong .That not because of your digits of biology. It’s because of who are.  Not your age. There are times when being an old soul, floating around in a young body could be an advantage to you- in terms of wisdom is marvellous. Still, having humour keeps you in greenness.

Some quicken their paces to get from A to B, some slower, life’s not about the speed. It’s not about winning. It’s just how you take part.


I would like you to take a glance in stillness at where you are. You must change the tendency to knock the temptation of correlation that’s between you and them. For assistance, it allows you to pan out a sequence; we tend to need numbers to structure us. We need a little system for us to pave but mainly what  it does annoy us is the fact that others use them to measures our capacities and to see whether we are in a good place.

Khloe Kardashian, in her book, Strong looks better naked explored the notion that we are like children, but we do need to discipline. I’m not a fan of ultimatums, because I believe we tend to rebel against them. However a little disciplines here and there does help whip us into shape, Soul, mind and body.

Let me give you a story:

Oprah, on her master class explained a scenario that suits the logic just fine. She spoke about running a race, and when you look back to see what’s your competitors are doing, you start losing sight of what’s in from of you. Your energy you could spend focusing on your own run, pace, stamina, you’ve given to that person you’re looking at.

But not only that, that person couldn’t care less about what you’re doing because they are set on their own goal ahead. We fail to understand that once we slow down, check all what’s around we lose focus on ourselves..

You are: ENTER YOUR NAME and your age is an ingredient to your being. Not the conclusive answer.

It’s all about how you feel. You shan’t define that in terms of numeric’s, at most, entirely your sensuality.

No looking back, forward, left, right. Commit to the vivacity of the now.


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