How to Sleep at a Hostel, and Actually Sleep


Hostels are great, no doubt. You can stay in an amazing location for a bargain price, meet some really interesting people, and get some seriously good travel tips from people who’ve already tried out the local area. But there’s no denying things can go a bit sour when you’re sharing a room with a group of strangers, who may or may not share your standards of hygiene/common sense/good manners.

So here’s how to sleep in a hostel, and actually sleep:

1. Read the reviews before you go!

Hostelworld, Hostelbooker, Tripadvisor, these are all your best friends. Find out if the place has a problem with bed bugs in particular, although not necessarily the fault of the hostel (they are carried in on backpacks from other places, then take up the hostel as their new home), good hostels will be on top of this problem in a flash, making sure you’re the only thing sleeping in your bunk.

2. Earplugs

Yes it’s all super lovely to chat to your new bedfellows, but actually at 3am when someone stumbles in drunk and decides to empty their locker you’re really going to want to be able to shut them out. The best are by Bioears, they’re reusable and keep out 22decibels of noise, hurray!

3. Eye mask

See above drunken roommate who also really, really needs the light on right now.

4. Choose your bed wisely

If you’re staying somewhere hot if possible choose a bed closest to the fan or air conditioning. Better to ask for an extra blanket at the front desk than ending up too hot to sleep.

5. Be mindful of noisier areas in the room

And speaking of bed location, go for one away from the doors and lockers if you can. Other guests might be coming in late and heading out early, the further you can be from the source of their noise the better!

6. Be friendly!

Traveling solo around Europe doesn't mean traveling alone. #hostelfriends

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If you make an effort to chat and be friendly in the day time, if someone is being really annoying at night it will be easier to politely ask them to stop – and hopefully they’re more likely to want to help you at.

Happy backpacking!

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