Seven Inspiring Moments Proving that Love Wins


Last year history was made in the United States with the Supreme Court ruling that in all 50 states anyone can marry whomever they love. In a world where it’s still illegal to be homosexual in 76 countries, this is absolutely beautiful news.

Some who oppose the decision are simply, afraid – in my opinion. They are afraid because they don’t know anyone who is gay, because they live in close circles and they live close-minded. I myself know and love many of my LGBT friends. I don’t love them because they are gay or despite it, rather I love them because they are beautiful people that I would love regardless of their sexual orientation. I love them in the way I love all of my friends and family and this post is for all the people who are afraid of this decision.

Love is beautiful:

1. When Ruby Rose and her fiancée looked at each other like this and it made everyone believe that true love is out there:

When you're finally enjoying a day off!

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2. When this couple shared the story with the world in 2011, a time when it was still illegal for the couple to marry and then were finally able to marry just one year later:


3. …And this gay couple who never believed that they would be able to get married, until they did:


4. When Alice and Vivian sat next to one another and said, ‘I Do’ to one another after being together for 72 years:


5. When Orange is the New Black came into our lives and proved that gay love storylines do matter and should be represented in the media:

We got you, babe. #OITNB

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6. When Ellen Page made this inspiring speech and told the world her truth, not about being gay, but about being human: 

7. …and of course today, when millions are celebrating love after SCOTUS’ historical ruling, including me:

#SCOTUS saw the light ✨ #LoveWins 💕

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#scotus with the supreme law of the land! #loveislove #lovealwayswins

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I woke up to a slightly better world. #equality #pride #ally

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