The Secret to Self Esteem


It’s critical the impact we have on how we think or feel about ourselves. Our self esteem entails us access to our soul, where we need to be in sync at all times. Without this, we could no longer be able to fulfill our true life’s purpose. Self esteem is our emotional self assessment of how we regard ourselves as the subject in our life’s narrative. 

10985887_10152986221703663_5596729615953256931_n Many of us aim to feel sexy or beautiful. I’ve come to know that these states are stages that tend to wear off eventually. A feeling we should all aim for is something which works for me, the feeling of lightness.

All around us are examples of how we should aim to look and feel in order to improve our lives. We are shoved with information about how the outside should look. But as times passes there is more exposure in making us feel better reversing that notion: we need to work from the inside – out. Not from the outside – in.

Lightness covers all aspects of the health spectrum. Emotional, mental and physical subtlety will let us get rid of excess thoughts, feelings and weight which hold us back from being lifted.

The degree of that feeling requires great practice. Slowly when assessed, all things that hold us back from our glow we can make decisions as to what we need to hold onto in order for us to live contently.


God in my view cannot be loved and praised without us giving that love and praise to ourselves first. As we are all an extension of the higher power, when we give love to ourselves we give love to God.  We cannot accept that we are made wholly. That’s a crying shame.


Compliments are not just for others to dish out, although they should always be appreciated. You should never be afraid that it would be far too egotistical to and in urban terms ‘big yourself up’. Say you thought you have a facial feature or body part that you are confident about and feel is admirable, there is nothing wrong with praising yourself for it. Each and everyone of us has such features and who better than ourselves to know and praise our own unique beauty.

Why wait for anyone to tell you first?

Others may help you recognise something within you that you hadn’t even considered. Even a small compliment like the way you laugh or smile, or cry as it may be, can allow you to recognise your own beauty. You may not see yourself in those moments as another can. You might even hate it, but in contrast those compliments can allow you to see a different side of yourself and discover a unique beauty.

We are allowed to elevate ourselves highly without searching from the outside to do that for us. Without fearing that perhaps doing this may take us into a delusional state and up hand the ego. However, this would not be as the ego relies on false perception to create an enlarged illusion that will make us feel inferior towards others. We would be looking at ourselves realistically allowing us to recognise our own unique beauty thereby putting into perspective how we look, think and feel in all areas of our being. Lightness procreates peace.

Part two follows.


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