Five Benefits of Fueling Your Body With ‘Primal,’ Paleo Foods


One of the biggest new trends in healthy lifestyle is paleo. But why are so-called ‘primal’ foods meant to be better for us?

The paleo or primal way of eating is a diet which consists of wholesome foods. It’s purpose is to eliminate from your body a whole range of preservatives, added sugars, sodium, colourings, artificial flavourings and other additives that processed foods usually have.

It’s quickly becoming a favourite amongst celebrities and fans of healthy eating because of it’s very primitive philosophy that our bodies are not equipped to digest processed foods, but were meant to be fed with wholesome ingredients that even our Neanderthal ancestors would approve of.

Fans and followers of the paleo diet cite the following benefits:

1. Rich in nutrients

A misconception about following the paleo diet is that the main components of your diet will be protein and fat. Great for body builders, maybe, but not so good for the rest of us. However, by eliminating processed carbs and fillers, the paleo diet encourages to supplement with vegetables, healthy fats, nuts, seeds, and fresh fruit! All of these foods and food groups are vital sources of natural vitamins and minerals.

It’s about getting all of the required natural nutrients your body needs to function in the most natural way possible.

2. Paleo for weight loss

A natural-byproduct of following a paleo diet is meant to be weight loss and the muscle growth that enables sustained, long-term weight loss. Together with an active lifestyle, the paleo diet promises improved metabolic processes and gut health, better sleep, stress management, sufficient Vitamin D and a healthy ration of fatty acids which work together to help your body burn off stored body fat.

3. Goodbye to bloated bellies

Fiber and a good amount of water intake combined with a decreased sodium intake work together to decrease the bloated bellies that make us so uncomfortable when we consume a Western diet full of processed foods.

4. Say hello to clarity

What we eat shows on our appearance in a variety of ways. Processed foods and oils – i.e. an unhealthy diet often shows on the appearance of our skins. When we nourish our bodies with fruit and vegetables and thereby get all of the vitamins and minerals we need, our skin radiates with that healthy glow.

A clearer mind is also a byproduct having a well-nourished body. Feeling better, has the benefit of also helping to alleviate the stress. Thereby mental clarity along with an improved mood and attitude are another great benefit of following the paleo diet.

5. Lowered risk of illnesses

Illnesses can be prevented when our diet is giving our immune system all of the nutrients it needs to keep our bodies healthy. That’s why people who follow the paleo diet often find that they get sick less frequently and are able to recuperate faster.

Along with a general feeling of wellbeing, the paleo diet also leads to a lowered risk of heart disease, diabetes and even cancers!

With all of these great benefits, a paleo diet seems like a no-brainer! However, as with any great diet, the inconvenience of finding healthy products to help make paleo as easy as fast food tends to get in the way of diet success.

That’s where the Primal Pantry comes in, with their great selection of paleo snacks,

The Primal Pantry’s purpose is to provide a range of tasty nutritious foods, which fully compliment a paleo lifestyle, free of any grains, dairy, refined sugars and vegetable oils and always made with 100% natural GMO free ingredients.

We recently tired some of the Primal Pantry’s yummy Primal Bars and were delighted to find that they taste amazing! They’re great on-the-go snacks, and make of all-natural, vegan friendly, plant-based ingredients.

My personal favourite was the Brazil Nut & Cherry Raw Paleo Bar, but with so many flavours to choose from, I recommend you try them all.

This month, they’re part of the infinite21 Vegan Tuck Box, so place your orders today to receive Paleo Bars along with other yummy vegan-friendly goodies, delivered to your door once a month!

Image Source: Primal Pantry 


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