Meditative, Underwater Yoga


Does underwater yoga really exist? The answer is yes.

This truly, beautiful underwater yoga exists and it’s waiting for you to experience it. This breathtaking sport is practiced in the clean blue water of the ocean or a pool and challenge water lovers to stretch and meditate as they never did before. When you experience underwater yoga you get more connected to the elements, since Air is taken from you from the moment you and you need to attach your energy to the Water element through your exercise.

It’s not going to be the easiest exercise you’ll ever do in your life. It needs patient, training and commitment. However, the work is worth the reward, as diving into underwater yoga is an extremely meditative and beautiful experience.

Your body is supported by the water, which helps your mind relaxing, and it protects your joints and eases the tension of trying new poses. Your flexibility is easier to develop, thanks to the flow that the underwater brings to your body, and, apart from all of this, the experience of underwater yoga is unexpectedly elegant and stunning to look at and to feel.

Let your spin be loose like seaweed.

– Eoin Finn, Yoga Master


Did we convinced you embrace your inner mermaid or not yet? If not, watch this video to see what this practice is all about and then dive into a public pool and do your own underwater yoga. Smooth you body and calm your soul. And have fun doing it!

Image Source: YouTube


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