Janine Allis: Inspiring Story of a Successful Woman


Janine Allis is not an average self-made businesswoman. She grew her juice and smoothie empire from her home kitchen to juice bars in 13 countries around the world with over 350 stores. She is an example of inspiring international success story. So, what’s behind Boost Juice Bars? And more importantly, who is this incredible woman?

Janine, the founder of Boost Juice Bars and the part-owner of Retail Zoo which is the parent company of Boost Juice, is an energetic mother of four children who opened the very first outlet in Adelaide in 2000. Today the company’s sales across the globe reach more than 300 M Australian dollars. Pretty good for someone who left school at the age of 16, right? Instead of going to university, Janine wanted to travel overseas and at that time she had no idea where her global travels would lead her.

Travelling led her spending around two years as a stewardess behind the bar on David Bowie’s private yacht, mixing with the late Princess Margaret and celebrities like Robin Williams. Later, other jobs would come and go, including a publicist for a movie company and touring with comedians, both of which were unsuccessful and lack of joy.

Inspired by variety of work experiences Janine had by that time, she decided that she wants to be a boss of her own and to take control over her destiny. Being on maternity leave and thinking of travels, Janine got an idea of doing something healthy and improving healthy food products, especially considering herself as a mother of four children. ‘I just wanted to give my kids something quick and healthy when we were out and about but there was only fatty, sugary empty calories as far as the eye could see,’ she said.

The first Juice Boost bar opened in March 2000 and within next four years her company was operating in every Australian state and boasted 100 outlets. And there was even more to come! A study business trip resulted in the first foreign branch in Chile in 2006, following by branches in England, China, India, Germany and South Africa. As she said later: ‘The number one thing that motivated me going through my business career was fear’. For Janine there was no plan B, she just simply had to jump in and keep going to the top.

In fifteen years Janine Allis has build an empire and has developed herself into a skillful entrepreneur with an eye for a smart deal.


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