Is Bacon Worth This Much Suffering?


How much animal cruelty are we willing to put up with for just a bit of bacon?

The Last Chance for Animals organisation has just released a new video that will make you think twice next time you think about incorporating bacon into your diet.

The shocking footage was shot during an investigation at Christensen Farms- the fourth-largest pig producer and a supplier to Walmart in the United States.

Below are LCA’s Investigative Findings: 

In the spring of 2015, LCA conducted a four month investigation into a Christensen Farms facility in Minnesota. The facility is a “breed-to-wean” factory farm where 2,500 mother pigs, producing over 1,300 piglets each week, are confined to small metal crates for their entire lives.

The investigation uncovered multiple incidents of systematic neglect and cruelty, including:

  • Pigs with large vaginal and anal prolapses and other severe injuries being forced to walk or drag themselves before being shot.
  • Workers slapping, kicking and stabbing downed sows with pens.
  • Workers dragging pigs by their snouts and ears.
  • Workers failing to promptly euthanize piglets in critical condition.
  • Company protocols that result in piglets being left in carbon dioxide inhalation chambers overnight and not being confirmed dead until the next morning.
  • Pigs with debilitating illness and injuries left to suffer for prolonged periods, sometimes as long as ten weeks. Many of these grossly neglected sows became too weak to access feed and water, quickly becoming emaciated and later found dead.

The hidden-camera video was released this past Tuesday and after completing the investigation, LCA submitted a criminal complaint to the Rock County Sheriff’s Office detailing 18 incidents of animal cruelty, 17 incidents of animal mistreatment by neglect and one incident of animal mistreatment by deprivation.

Law enforcement has initiated their investigation into the matter.

Watch the video below and consider shifting to a plant-based diet because no amount of bacon should be worth this much suffering.


Image Source: YouTube/LCA


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