I Can See Clearly Now


If you’re looking for an inspirational read then look no further. The book, I Can See Clearly Now, written by the late Dr Wayne Dyer is your perfect companion.

Some of you may know him from his work and teachings in the personal development field and as a Hay House author. There is no doubt that he helped and inspired so many people worldwide with his offerings through books, seminars and simply being the embodiment of Love wherever he went. I was blessed to be able to meet him once at an I Can Do It conference (an annual event run by Hay House) three years ago. Hearing him speak in person at this conference was so moving and uplifting. His energy was electric and contagious in a good way.

The book, I Can See Clearly Now, is different from his usual writings because it is a memoir of his own life. It is a compelling read with so much heart and life on the page as well as that electric energy I felt at the Hay House event three years ago. Wayne shares the most powerful stories from his life and how they shaped and impacted the person he became and whom we all loved.

What really struck me as I read his stories was the deep level of trust he had in making life altering decisions at several points in his life even though they made no logical sense. He always knew that there was a Power living inside of him and he was a simply a witness to it all. Everything that happened from living in an orphanage to having an absent father to working in the military was a gift to him which he explains so well in the book. Every person and experience was a teacher, a guide from beyond. The book makes you evaluate your own life from such a different perspective and it is so true that if you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. It is at that precise moment that you will be able to say to yourself I Can See Clearly Now. We all have that Power inside of us and we can be whatever we choose to be.

Believe it and you will see it!



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