How Imagination Is Key in Making Your Dreams Your Reality


As pupils, when our minds would wander in to all the things we couldn’t wait to get up to after school, or perhaps even what we wanted to be when we grew up, teachers would tell us to “stop day dreaming” and we’d quickly be bought back to reality. However it is not only in lessons we’d be taught such lessons. Most of us have been bought up that “living with your head in the clouds” gets you nowhere. But, what if we were to tell you the exact opposite? And that in fact, imagination can get you exactly where you want to go?

How imagination shapes your reality:

Researchers in Sweden at the  have found just that, discovering that your mind can literally play tricks on you by changing illusions of what you think you hear and see into what seems like reality. The study consisted of a series of tests with illusions, of which sensory information from one sense changed or distorted your perception of another.

Christopher Berger, doctoral student at the Department of Neuroscience and lead author of the study, commented on this saying: “However, what this study shows is that our imagination of a sound or a shape changes how we perceive the world around us in the same way actually hearing that sound or seeing that shape does. Specifically, we found that what we imagine hearing can change what we actually see, and what we imagine seeing can change what we actually hear.” These findings suggest that your explanatory style and mindfulness training can influence how you perceive reality at a neuronal level.

Aside from this study, there are many other ways in which imagination shapes your reality. For instance, by imagining a certain thing day after day it begins to drive you further. You will more instinctively search for opportunities and information surrounding it and you will be more motivated and succeed more quickly. More so, imagination builds a mental picture of what you want and tells your subconscious mind that you really want it. Consequently, the subconscious mind will then provide you with the energy to do something about it.

The power of imagination:

As well as being scientifically proven to shape our realities and as well as giving further motivation to shape them, imagination draws our desired realities to us.

Essentially, the theory behind the Law of Attraction is that we create our own realities. We attract things we want and we also attract things we don’t want. We attract the people in our lives, the stuff in our homes, and the money in our bank accounts through our thoughts and feelings.

So, when we spend hours imagining, hoping, dreaming we will attract that of which consumes our minds to us. Making imagination a very powerful and beneficial thing. To find out more about the Seven Laws of The Universe and how to apply them click here. 

How to use your imagination to its full potential:

Mindfulness meditation is an excellent tool. When we learn to meditate, we learn to choose our thoughts. We are better able to consciously steer away from the directives of our critical inner voice. We begin to know what our cruel thoughts are so we can steer clear of them before they resurface. This allows more room for your imagination to run wild with positive thoughts.

Write affirmations about your imaginations, for example: “The things I create, are even better than I imagine.” Repeatedly saying this over and over and surrounding yourself with visions will draw your dreams closer and closer each day until they come true.

Lee W Pieper, a well acclaimed life coach, offers some invaluable advice: “If you long to escape from your present sense fixation, to transform your present life into a dream of what might well be, you need but imagine that you are already what you want to be and to feel the way you would expect to feel under such circumstances. Like the make-believe of a child who is remaking the world after its own heart, create your world out of pure dreams of fancy. Mentally enter into your dream; mentally do what you would actually do, were it physically true. You will discover that dreams are realized not by the rich, but by the imaginative. Nothings stands between you and the fulfillment of your dreams but facts – and facts are the creations of imaginings. If you change your imagining, you will change the facts.”

So close your eyes, clear your mind and get imagining. Because in order for your imaginations to come true you must first create them, believe in them, focus on them, pursue them and they will become a reality.

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