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It’s so easy in this fast paced world to give up on books, and after a long day it’s easier to turn your mind off and watch a film. But lets face it, it’s a cheat, and some of these legendary stories deserve more attention than we give them.

 a level of steamy intrigue that no film can hope to reproduce

1. From Russia with Love

The James Bond classic, has a level of steamy intrigue that no film can hope to reproduce, yes we’ve all seen the films or at the very least know what happens. He’s cool, she’s pretty, there’s a cool car, but the level of depth is sometimes lost of these movie franchises, but never fear our favourite spy is even sexier on paper.

2. Breakfast at Tiffany’s

This girl’s night classic is a sweet film and Audrey Hepburn is a outstanding actress, but the book behind the film is a true gem. It’s from Fred’s perspective which threw me the first time I read it, but watching the film after made me see a lot of things I’d missed just watching the film. Read this book and fall in love with Holly Golightly in a whole new way.

3. The Secret Garden

Maybe it’s just the little girl in me, but this film will always have a special place in my heart, but as an adult the book now holds a special place on my shelf. The beauty of reading a book when you’ve seen the film is you can immerse yourself in the moment, which on a film would pass quickly with a book you can dwell on it for hours if you choose. If you don’t read this one then at the very least read your own childhood film trust me you’ll love it even more.

4. Interview With a Vampire

Now bare with me here I know that the book was a huge deal at one time, but as it was realised the year of my birth it wasn’t till last year I realised it was once a book. But once I found out, oh my, there are no words for how happy I was, I got to immerse myself in that dark sensual world all in my own head, if you haven’t read it already I suggest you savour every page

Their are many books that have been forgotten in this modern era, but resurrecting your old favourites can be a special kind of treat.

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