Elle Macpherson Shares Her Confidence, and Ageing Secrets


Elle Macpherson uses “visualisations” when she feels stressed.

The 51-year-old timeless beauty has been at the top of her profession for decades, but that doesn’t mean things don’t get a little much at some points. When she starts worrying about things too much, the blonde star has some techniques which instantly soothe her.

When I get stressed, I make myself take 15 minutes and I breathe; I practise visualisations and follow a guided meditation tape,” she explained to MailOnline.

Elle’s fabulous figure earned her the nickname The Body and she works hard to keep in shape. It means she is selective about what she eats and also tries to stay fit, with what she calls “sport”.

Never having a coffee after lunch and drinking three litres of water a day is the most important tip I can give,” she explained.

I call it sport not exercise and love anything that gets me outside, such as skiing, hiking, waterskiing, running, road biking and horse riding.

“I appreciate that it’s much easier to do all this in America but I would recommend working out for 45 minutes per day, even if it’s just a walk outside to get some fresh air.”

Things haven’t always been easy for the star, who is the co-founder and co-owner of the premium luxury wellness business WelleCo. It’s a powder which can be added to soup, smoothies or salad and helps your body function as well as it possibly can. It was created especially for Elle by a doctor on London’s iconic Harley Street after she worried about feeling less than her best.

For years, I was taking vitamins and powders. I tried alternative medicine, acupuncture, reflexology. I’m a pescatarian, I don’t drink, do drugs or smoke so what else can I do? I wasn’t unaware of wellness but something wasn’t working for me and I told my doctor, ‘I don’t feel great,‘” she recalled.

It was discovered that Elle’s body was acidic, probably in part due to her hectic work schedule. After that the elixir was created, with the supermodel insisting that soon after she felt “uplifted”.

At 51, Elle Macpherson exudes the same confidence she had in her 20s when she was nicknamed”The Body” – but it’s taken her time to get to that happy place.

“There’s one thing being 20 and gorgeous with legs up to your armpits and beautiful tight skin,” the entrepreneur and supermodel says in a video on Australia talk show Sunrise. “And there’s another thing to be 51.”

“Finally you get to the stage and say, ‘I have been known to be one of the most beautiful women in the world and felt really not confident and sure of myself,’ ” she continues.

In addition to changing her sleeping habits and diet, she credits her Super Elixir Alkalising Greens supplement for helping her age gracefully.

Image Source: Lahoe Monitor 


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