Eight Fitness Tips to Help Ease Menopause Symptoms


A menopause usually occurs when a woman is in her late 40’s and early 50’s. It is the time in her life when she reaches her last period. Every woman experiences menopause differently. For some, menopause symptoms are mild and pass quickly. For others, it’s an explosion of hot flashes and mood swings.

However, for every woman menopause is one of the most important transitions in a woman’s life, she is entering a new phase. It is important we know how to cope and use it as a perfect opportunity to start taking even better care of ourselves.

Regular physical activity is crucial for menopause and overall wellbeing but it is hard to know where to start. However, you need not worry, Infinity House Magazine is here to help. We have come up with some exercise tips and regimes proven to help you have a happy menopause. Whilst they will not completely cancel out your symptoms they will lessen them and make for a more easeful transition and enhance your way of life.

1. Cardio

Aerobic activity that makes use of your large muscle groups while keeping up your heart rate is a good thing. Your options for cardio are limitless! We recommend walking, jogging, biking, and swimming as they are all easy, fun and sociable activities that can help ease your menopause symptoms.

2. Strength training.

Regular strength training can help you reduce body fat, strengthen your muscles and more efficiently burn calories. Try weight machines gradually lifting heavier and heavier. This gradual muscle gain will also make you feel accomplished!

3. Stability and balance.

Balance exercises improve stability and can help prevent falls. We recommend yoga as this also tones you, improves your move, helps with your spirituality and much, much more.


4. Stretching

Stretching can help improve flexibility. Set aside time to stretch after each workout, when your muscles are warm and receptive to stretching. This will also no doubt be very relaxing and will help ease any menopause symptoms you may be experiencing.

5. Dancing

Exercise shouldn’t be entirely hard work. Packing a calorie-burning cardio session into your routine can be fun and good for your body. If running on a treadmill isn’t your thing, consider a dance class. It will be fun, you get to meet new people and learn a new skill!


6. Zumba

Zumba works for people of all ages. Burn calories and work your muscles, all while moving to uplifting Latin beats. Classes are usually pretty cheap and you get to associate with new people. It’s a huge growing sport that mixes dancing with aerobics for tons of healthy benefits and heaps of fun.

7. Get gardening or cleaning

Don’t fancy the gym or joining a class? Well, your house and garden are just waiting to assist you! Mowing the lawn and hoovering are all activities that will help you work up a sweat to burn calories whilst achieving something too.

8. Be realistic

Above all, be realistic. If you’ve never done exercise before don’t start doing excessive cardio or lifting weights, start on something slower and work your way up. Set realistic goals for example: I will walk 30 minutes three times a week. Or, I will go to two Zumba classes. Write them down and stick them somewhere noticeable so you’ll be reminded and achieve, achieve, achieve.

With appropriate support and chosen strategies to assist, menopause can be seen positively as a transitional time, offering opportunities for challenges, rewards and greater personal growth. Don’t be embarrassed, embrace it! Use it as a time for self improvement and seek new experiences.

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