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Exam periods and coursework deadlines are looming over students throughout England. Unfortunately this is the same time as the summer season and everyone is wanting to themselves after the long winter. Alas, there is still the last few months of education left. Having been away from studying for quite a while myself, I’ve forgotten what’s it like to feel the stress of revising and editing and cramming and repeating mock exam after mock exam.

In this entry I will talk about which healing crystals resonate best with these types of situations. These crystals are suited for students who are going through exam seasons, going back to the pool of education after having been away, or for those who are going through their coursework.


I’ve worked with a lot of crystals to help me when writing and while all of them have proved to be great companions Sodalite takes the win instantly. Coined as the Writer’s Stone, Sodalite can help you concentrate during the actual act of writing and encourage you to keep going even when you don’t feel like doing so, which is extremely beneficial when it comes to those dragging all nighters trudging through essays and portfolio summaries. Its connection to the throat chakra helps writers and students keep your mind concentrated as well when writing so this is good when you don’t feel particularly confident in your writing voice.


Other blue crystals that I recommend for writing include Blue Lace Agate for communication styles, Dumortierite for memory and Lapis Lazuli for that huge burst of creativity. Note that there are some sellers who tend to mistake Sodalite for Lapis Lazuli and vice versa and it’s advisable to know which crystal is which when buying them. Usually Sodalite has streaks of lighter hues of blue whereas Lapis Lazuli are predominantly a more midnight blue stone with more obvious flecks of Pyrite; check out their differences and how to better tell them apart in this link. 


For students who are particularly stressed or affected negatively by the looming energy of deadlines and exam dates, times which are anticipated and normally seen as the makers or breakers of all the hard work, I recommend the calming energy of Moonstone. Due to its strong connection to water energy, Moonstone helps its user calm down and experience serenity despite times of hardship and pressure. Keep the stone close to you when nearing deadlines or during exams. By helping you calm down your mind will ne able to clear up, allowing you to think clearer and answer questions better.


Also for insomniacs or for those who don’t sleep well because of stress, Moonstone is recommended, especially the clearer, more silver type. Once cleansed and programmed to encourage sleep and tranquillity, put the stone underneath your pillow, or by your bedside table if you’re a fidgety sleeper like me!


Considered a crystal with fire energy, Carnelian essentially does the same as Moonstone but just in a different aspect; where Moonstone calms you down in order to concentrate, Carnelian creates a fire inside you and motivates you to become more active in finishing your tasks and making sure that you do them all swiftly and efficiently.

Many say that Carnelian is able to cleanse your aura and any other crystals that may be around it, so this stone is good for students who feel murky or weighted down by exam stress.



I personally don’t resonate well with every green crystal so I have to be extra careful when it comes to working with these types of stones, with Prehnite being the best one for me when it comes to manifestation and receiving abundance in any form. Have a look around green crystals and see which one chooses you and calls you the loudest.

For those who wish for an extra boost of positive energy, I recommend keeping Prehnite with you during an exam or when you’re passing an essay or project to your teacher or through an online form like Moodle.


Note that this is only a guide for readers in knowing which crystals respond best to educational situations and this shouldn’t be taken word for word. Always listen to intuition and personal voice when choosing crystals to work with. Choose crystals which will serve a specific purpose, may it be for calming, for better work productivity or for better communication skills. Best of luck!

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