Childish vs. childlike.


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There’s a distinction between childish and childlike. they interlink, but there’s a   difference. Often we confused the two because we somehow decide that once we grow up we leave our younger core selves behind. There’s much to describe about mature and kid dish behaviour. Elizabeth Gilbert once again taught me these concepts. So I like to go into further detail about them for my own exploration.

Beforehand I have touched upon this topic in two articles via my blog:

I talked about having traced of adrenaline that kept you a bit upbeat in your life. Not being treacherously bad but a tab of cheekiness in your system gave life some spice.

I then blogged recently about having a sense of something more than what we are told, to in this article:

What contrasts these two are as follows:

  • Responsibility
  • Sensitivity
  • Understanding

When we hold RESPONSIBILTY to our actions regardless whether we are conscious or unconscious of them, we become are free released from CHILDISH.  When we are sensitive about a topic close to our hearts and we feel so much above board though we are seen as weak we are : CHILDLIKE.  We fail to UNDERSTAND that we can still be STRONG AND BE SOFT. We realise we aren’t being CHILDISH, we are CHILDLIKE. Our core selves are bonded with innocence and wonder. We needn’t put behind all aspects of the. Self. Just because we feel we are too grown up to be that way.

Childish is having silly behaviours’ that your conscious doesn’t want to correct because you are far too pride driven to accept wrongdoing and ill manners. It’s the need to (no pun intended) to throw toys out the pram when things don’t go your way. It’s looking through the lens of an irresponsible person not accepting duty for wrong. It’s also picking on someone and laughing about something when you know it intentionally or even unintentionally hurts them.

Now, for Childlike. Childlike is keeping humour. It’s also accepting wrongdoing but being mature about it. It’s also understanding that being grown up and growing old are separate agendas. Being adult doesn’t mean one must be adult meaning grown up all the time. It’s knowing when to be an adult, and then keeping things light sometimes. Just because you’re a certain age doesn’t mean you leave your laughter behind. Only to those who lack understanding will think you’re childish.


Part Two Via Blog included.



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