Check in to the soul.



Have you ever wondered when you’ve looked around you that you have all you should materialistically but on the inside you aren’t sparkling? Sometimes, you have gotten in the bag the job title you wanted all along or the car you have been saving up for or been able to purchase the jacket you have been walking past the shop window and still not happy? You thought that by hitting the ball on the high striker and you heart hasn’t hit along with the hammer and smacked the bell? You may want to check into a deeper place.

When they say “be careful what you wish for cause you just might get it”. Is exactly the same when praying? In Conversations with God, it said that Gods job is to give us whatever we desire. The deal is to grant us our wish. I remember reading in the book: Eat, Pray, Love. The conversation between Elizabeth and Richard from Texas keeps me in humour. It says that one time Richard prayed for God to open his heart, but he was so literate that he found himself days later in open heart surgery!

To check in would be like being able to re evaluate what really feels good to you. Not what you think you need to collect in terms of feeling pleased.You might want to check in with yourself. Sometimes what we think we needed isn’t really what we needed at all.

Maybe you think that job title you got would bring you joy? But really it was just a chance to for to take charge of something else in your world?

Buying something to increase our value in the eyes of other people or gain social status wasn’t what the car could do for us…

Or perhaps, that jacket we desired doesn’t make us feel as pretty as we thought.

“Tryna fix something
But you can’t fix what you can’t see
It’s the soul that needs the surgery” Beyonce, Pretty Hurts.

*Below I have attached my article for a youth magazine and I stand by my 18 year old self on this*



It’s too much checking out, when we should really check right back into us. Staying in contact with the peace we need to feel.

In a society today where the focus of beauty is on external appearance and never much focus is on consciously pointing to how we look, rather than being receptive to inner joy and peace. I know it differentiates per person. I cannot tell you how it should look, but I can tell you how it should feel.

Remember the words: JOY, PEACE AND CALMNESS.

Trying to be solid in your peace stems continuous joy.

As you would check into the: dentist, gym or workplace. Don’t forget the soul.



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