But first… Faith


Where most people turn to the body to feel ace, what better advice I have invented and what actually works for me is having my faith before any other part of the four dimensions that contribute to the self.  Working from the inside out rather than outside in, has given my life such vibrancy and a gloried boost.  Putting your faith first helps the rest get in gear which allows life to fall in to place wondrously.


Getting the spirit right is the real external beauty. Regardless what we think in terms of artistry, all things to do with the spirit: love, kindness, gratitude, joy and lightness are the real crown jewels. When these can glow, they show the truest form of Godliness when applied to our human selves. When we seeks to be more loving, kinder, thankful and joyous we portray elements of the kind of God I believe in. From this, we add a little more heaven to earth. Once this is in tune we set off into the world with a little more spring in our step.  We don’t do this because we want more reward from God, we do this because we are offspring of God and God reigns within us. The more spirit let we are, the more we are likely to reach our richest form of self. When we get in track with who we are spiritually, and when we decide to make a decision following our highest self, whether we call God: the divine, the highest power etc. Despite religion, or just believe in good energy and positive vibes, for me that’s saint like enough. So technically, whatever causes you to rise above, search for it, them become it.


Now, once set in spirit we have aside from our spiritual minds, we have our mental minds. This is often flesh led. With the mind being auto tuned ninety nine point nine percent of the time; we must to come to know how our conscious minds works.  When we become in harmony with our spirit we clear space for our minds to be filled with Godlike thoughts. These thoughts are often the cleanest, most loving and compassionate thoughts we could have. When this happens, not only do we have much peace, we become more carefree and humble beings. This keeps us well grounded in faith and able to clarify which thoughts come out the mud and others that are sent from a higher self. Also a quiet mind speaks a loud truth. So being spiritually awake in ethos will give the self a much more calm state to living.


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