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In the news recently there has been horrific stories of violence and death as many people have been massacred in France, Germany, and Japan; the list seems to be endless. As important as it is to report these stories, sometimes a little reminder of how good the world can be won’t go a miss. This article is a reminder that although there are people who want to harm others, there are also inspiring things happening all the time, that do not necessarily make headline news but perhaps should.

6 Inspiring Stories

  1. Maria Fernanda

Maria Fernanda is a 16-year-old girl from Nicaragua who wants to graduate from University with a degree in civil engineering. She believes that just because she is “a woman doesn’t mean I am less. I have the same capability as a man to do things”.  She belongs to a group called Nací para Volar an outreach group for young girls. They teach about otherwise taboo topics like gender equality and sexual health.  Fernanda explains how much this organisation has helped her realise her potential “Now, having a boyfriend isn’t a priority for me. Having someone to support me isn’t a priority for me”. For more information go to www.globalfundforwomen.org

  1. A Man gives his Kidney to his Best Friend
Graham McMillan- taken from Vimeo video.

Graham McMillan- taken from Vimeo video.

A young man named Danny Kolzow who lives in Texas had been diagnosed with Alport Syndrome (a genetic condition of which symptoms usually include kidney disease, hearing loss, and eye abnormalities). He has been experiencing declining kidney function quicker than expected and was in need of a donor. When his best friend Graham McMillian found out he was a match he recorded a video in which he held a sign that read “I heard urine need of a kidney, want mine?” and of course tears and hugs ensued. Watch the heartfelt video here: https://vimeo.com/172482727


  1. A Couple Travelled the World and took Animal Mugshots

A South African couple, Chanel and Stevo, have been travelling for over 17 months and stopping in some of the most beautiful places and cities around the world. They just so happened to take a few pictures along the way too. If you are feeling down I guarantee these pictures will put a smile on your face. To see what the couple are up to click here: http://https://www.instagram.com/howfarfromhome



The images belong to @HowFarFromHome


  1. A Group of People Rescued a Stranded Orca

Last Friday, as the tide rushed out in British Columbia an Orca was left stranded on the beach front, washed up on the rocks. A nearby rescue organisation was called and volunteers spent the day looking after the Orca; keeping her sheltered from the sun and patting her down with a cloth to keep her cool. When the tide returned she was able to swim away safely. Hooray!


  1. Siblings who are Best Friends

Photo from http://www.fivestorypictures.com/

Siblings Trenton (12-years-old) and Lindsey (10-years-old) Cochran tell an inspiring story about the struggles they have growing up as Lindsey suffers from Spinal Muscular Atrophy and is confined to a wheelchair. This means that Lindsey struggles with small day to day things, but luckily she has her older brother to take care of her. In this heart-warming story, Trenton explains how his responsibilities have made him a more mature person, especially for his age. He embarks on a sponsored run every year to raise money for his sister’s disease. He goes on to say he “would take a bullet for her” and adds “she’s my best friend, my life would be nothing without her”. It seems Lindsey depends on her brother for help just as much as Trenton depends on her.


  1. Spare rooms have helped Refugees  

Based in Berlin, a group of citizens have been offering their spare rooms to refugees that have nowhere to go. The group has helped various refugees fleeing from countries such as Afganistan, Syria, Pakistan and Somalia. The website Flüchtlinge Willkommen (Refugees Welcome)  has seen more than 800 Germans sign up to offer their homes to refugees. Jonas Kakoschke, 31, and Mareike Geiling, 28, are the founders who share their house with Bakary, a Malian asylum seeker. The group hopes that this scheme will take off in more places around Europe and Canada. Already 10 countries are offering shelter so people won’t have to leave in refugee camps.

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