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Why You Should Visit Sweden

This time last week I was in Sweden visiting some friends that I met travelling. I feel so lucky to…

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Philippines: The War on Drugs

What is happening in the Philippines? Sometimes we are so preoccupied with the news stories in England or Europe that…


The Benefits of Drinking Red Wine!

Alcoholism has become a serious addiction among many, but there are benefits of drinking alcohol, especially red wine. While doctors…


75 Years of Wonder Woman

Throughout the decades, Wonder Woman has been playing a silent game, one which involves bringing the barriers down on classism,…

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Eco-Friendly Fashion

When we think of pollution, we think of cars, factories, and rivers being polluted by oil. It’s hard to picture…


Don’t Say No to H2O

In the Western world we’re always on the look for the best health kick, the best beauty kick, that thing…


Teaching Post Pregnancy

As the UK is facing an acute teachers shortage, the government is taking a new initiative to tackle this issue…